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About company
Planhat - is a Customer Success CRM/Platform designed for SaaS business to help them grow fast and ensure that their customers are happy and their product is. bringing the value. https://planhat.comWe've build a fully remote and distributed company/community where everyone is passioned about what they doing. Working hard and enjoying both the process and result. That makes it possible to build a solid product and keep the growth pace with more than 100% year over year in past 6 years! And we're planning to follow that path. Team & Product - this is what this is all about!

Team is distributed between about 17 countries that brings in a lot of cultural differences which is quite amazing itself! Slack is the main communication channel and both because time difference and average attitude - there's always someone available to help or simply say "hello" which brings communication level to an amazing level. We don't have any regular meetings/stand-up's and mostly rely on individual responsibility and result oriented approach. Tho when needed - it's an simple thing to organize ad-hock call when it make sense.

Opportunities in the team
There's a plenty of opportunities to growth together with Company so this is mostly depends on employe performance and skills. Salary review can be provided on demand whenever team member feel need for that, otherwise we do a regular performance review 1on1's every 6 month or so

Portrait of ideal member of the team
Adult, easy to speak with, common values, result oriented, able to make a pragmatic decisions, both strong as a developer and lead/problem solver, ideally with startup background when person started from the day 1 and fight for several years truly understand all the product/company growth stages and enjoy that ride.Strong programming/architect skills and english communication skills (participate in conversation) are must. Leading, business understanding, startup (full-stack -> lead -> CTO) experience is a great addition

Two stages:
1. Meet with CTO/VPE - here we pitch Planhat and getting know candidate as a person (1h)
2. Technical assignment + Feedback session (3h assignment + 1h feedback session right after)
After that we should have enough information to make a decision.

As a full stack developer:
- you'll get your working environment and do your first commit with relatively small bugfix or improvement on your first working day;
- in your first month you'll be focusing on small/mid size cards all over the app. Which bootstrap your product knowledge quite a lot
- in 3 month you'll deliver a major update to existing or even new Planhat module
- in 6 month you'll be an expert in one/few Planhat modules dealing with related support tickets, feature requests and further development of it.

Tech Stack
Main stack is - nodejs (expressjs) + angularjs(1.6) + bunch of GCP services (as bigQ, pubSub, cloudFunctions). We also have smaller services that use TypeScript, Vue.

English - Enough to have a conversation on tech/non tech topics. Upper-Intermediate and higher


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